Monday, December 31, 2018

Range, 26 December, St Stephens Day

Not too bad.

MAN it was crowded.  People off work because Christmas break.  People taking out their new toy?  Well only if they had bought it, for themselves, a week or more before Christmas.

And, I didn't suck.  Oh sure, you can see me getting fatigued as I progress to the bottom right.  ANd just when I think I'll have a really good single target with 14 or more good shots in it, a flinchy comes up and bites me in the ass, but...  Not shabby.  The usual flaw.  Which is much better than my usual flaw 3 years ago.

No Malfunctions.  78 American Eagle, 8 yards.   591 rounds through the gun.  Had been 22 days since I was last at the range.

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