Wednesday, July 17, 2019


You cruise along for 3 weeks with plenty of blog fodder then these droughts come along.


Why's it got to be shifting Overton windows and marginalizing Commies in the news?  No good news out of NRA?  No big gun cases progressing nicely?


Some of my work buddies troll me.  Tell me they are gonna get a Taurus Judge for a first pistol.


I wonder if there was some big turnover at one of our news stations, WTOP.  They went from relatively neutral to noticeably lean progressive in only a couple months, it seems.  Then they got themselves wrapped around their own axle, yesterday.


Tim said...

The NRA needs new leadership, it's time for Wayne to retire.

Ritchie said...

Do they know we can see the eraser swarf being made?

McChuck said...

WTOP has been left leaning for the 18 years I've lived here in PDR-MD.
That's why I switched to WMAL.

Mike V said...

If there a sudden switch in tone at a news outlet, it’s usually because of a change in ownership. Gannet is especially famous for driving middle-left outlets farther left.