Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The NRA is messed up

But whatcha bet when it comes time to vote next year there will the standard few to bupkis info available about who on the slate of candidates is for reform or agin it or in the pocket of so and so...

I don't know those people, mostly.  I need someone I know and trust that DOES know those people to go on record make some endorsements or talk extensively about that they are like. 

"Joe Schmoe is Wayne LaPierre's best friend, and is loyal to a fault."

"Sandy Smoo has always hated Wayne LaPierre and has been angling to dump him since 2003"

"Freddy Finley is kinda neutral.  He kinda like Wayne, but thinks Wayne, sometimes through no fault of his own, has become radioactive and should step down for the good of the org.  The purpose of which, according to Freddy, is to promote duck hunting"

"Franny Frinkle is true neutral.  Her biggest pet project is expanding CCW rights and carrying, and her work on the board is single minded in this pursuit.  Keep Wayne or dump Wayne, either way you gotta convice Franny which way leads to more CCW"

I like Franny.  Heck all those fictional board members are ok if they work for the good of the NRA's greater membership. 


I'm still wishing for a source of information I don't know how to secure myself and don't expect will be forthcoming no matter how much I beg those in the know

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