Friday, July 19, 2019

Spoke too soon.

Even BUSIER day yesterday. Jinxed myself

Haven't even had time to read headlines til near dark.

Trump partied with cheerleaders and Epstein was around?  This is awful.  Lemme look.


The media source made me think High School cheerleaders.  It was NFL cheerleaders.  IOne this is awful though.  Those eyebrows.

Other than that?  What's the big deal? Whole lotta nuthin.

C'mon. Trump does bad things. Why not bring those things up. Why bring up neutral-to-good things? It's not like he is Bill Clinton, here. Or Gropey Joe Biden.


The App I always wanted to get when I got a real cell phone was one of them Star Gazer apps. So I can ID stars in the sky and know when satellites are flying over. Got it. StarWalk2. Might get a plane traffic app, too. Recommendation for the plane tracker?


Tim said...

The media must have a small army combing the archives looking for this shit.

Unknown said...

FightRadar24 dot com is real time. Works on Android or I-fruit.

FlightAware dot com Search under 'Products'. There may be a fee, I don't know.

I like FlightRadar24 more but both do a great job.


Windy Wilson said...

BJ Bill and the ghost of Gropy Joe.
That ought to be a song.

Windy Wilson said...

Trump has been in the same room socially with Epstein! That's gotta stick this time, I mean that was all it took for BJ Bill, except Epstein was selling what BJ was buying.