Thursday, July 25, 2019


People try to convince me that Catastrophic Anthropogenic Greenhouse Climate Change is consensus science, but don't know what a falsifiable hypothesis is.  Or care.  It's pretty basic.

And they disregard acres of massaged and falsified dataIgnoring such fraud ever happened

It's not science.  It's Lysenkoism. 

You have a lot to overcome to gain my trust about your word on the subject, so-called 'experts.'

Einstein said you could discard his WHOLE THEORY if you could measure gravitic lensing in the coming solar eclipse and find the measurement don't match his math. 

In an instant of calculation he could be safely ignored.  If his prediction of the calculations came up like he said then more study would be required and his theory would hold valid until it passed the next test.  It was falsifiable. 

It wasn't like Freud or Marxism where they twist facts to suit theories rather than theories to suit facts.

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Windy Wilson said...

Einstein said something similar when (I forget if it was 100 scientists or 1000 scientists) in Germany signed some sort of document condemning his General Theory of Relativity after he fled Germany to take a position at Princeton University. "Why (100 or 1000) scientists? One lab assistant making the appropriate calculations as a proof would be enough to disprove my General Theory of Relativity."