Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Oh nice

If Governor I-was-only-a Klansman-at-Med-School can do some political grandstanding calling for a special session, the legislature can grandstand right back and adjourn that special session til November.  Good work.

No was talking about the only policy that might actually cut down on the damage if some copies the Virginia Beach shooter.  ALLOW folks to CCW inside municipal buildings.  The gun free zone prevented at least one known defensive weapon from being on the scene before the murderer began his spree.  

Instead, crazily, the Gun Grabbing Democrats wanted to make MORE victim disarmament zones.  

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Matthew W said...

"But not a single vote was cast on the legislation. Republican leaders said the session was premature and politically motivated. They assigned the state’s bipartisan crime commission to study the Virginia Beach shooting and the governor’s proposed legislation."

Good !!!
Nothing worse than emotional, knee jerk legislation.

Matthew W