Saturday, July 6, 2019


Really expensive CCW friendly khakis.

Well, they aren't utilikilt expensive.  Have you seen those? $200 buck for that?!  A simple manskirt costs more than fancy denim pants I could wear to a Texas wedding?  Phew.  I'm not usually afraid of paying for quaility, but this kilt thing...  (also, RIP American Woolrich)

Anyway, the internet thinks I need to see lots of ads for them Stryker britches with a nice pocket designed for better pocket carry.

I do like the retention features.  You could take a tumble down a hillside into a creek and get up and keep running and your j-frame would still be where you left it.  And on the thigh, there is easier access when sitting in your vehicle.  These features make it a bit slower, but life is tradeoffs.

I have carried in the 'grenade pocket' of the military style BDU pants.  I don't like that position.  I'd have to get used to weight over there.  My sciatica is also RIGHT there, so that's also annoying.  I imagine this Stryker thing would feel similar.

Most of my long pant have deep enough pockets that pocket carry in a regular pants pocket works fine.

But that short pants version has a bit more appeal.

So this advertisement isn't totally effective.  It didn't make me slap the plastic down and order it to be shipped to me.  It got me to look at it.  There is a long lead time to get one shipped.  If I really liked it, I'd get more and there are volume discounts to get your short pants price down from MSRP of $90.  By the time I got the shorts delivered it would be fall. Almost winter.  The long delay probably means they order an Asian factory to make a run, and I have less and less lucky with consistent sizing from Asian mills.  (I assume Asia, too, because if they were made in America they'd crow about it.)  So, not quite there.  But it got me to talk about here.  The pants do look well though out.

I wouldn't use it for anything but a pocket carry sized gun, personally.  I want service size pistols in a holster on a belt.  But a decent holster costs as much as this pant.  And a belt to hang it on costs as much as this pant.  So why am I complaining about pant prices?


Ratus said...

Tbolt, I can solve your dilemma with just two words.

Ad Block.

Yep, get an ad blocker like uBlock origin and you won't be bothered with this again.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I like that somebody cares about me.

Vlad said...

I'll second the ad blocker. Also take a look at the Berne CCW pants, $69.99 at my local Coastal Farm and Ranch.
Personally I just use a holster because I like to use my pockets for normal stuff, and my smallest pistol is an S&W Shield

Will said...

you might consider updating your list of bloggers. When someone stops blogging, and abandons their site, it gets taken by someone else, usually in Asia. I picked up a virus recently. I suspect it came from one of these old blogger sites, as I don't visit unknown sites, but do hit the occasional one that I haven't seen for a while.

Breda Fallacy is one of these suspect sites. There are others.