Sunday, September 22, 2019


Maybe Colt managers are chickshite sellouts folding to George Soros' minions and betraying lovers of freedom and liberty that don't currently wear a uniform.

Maybe Colt has a crapton of orders to fill equipping some allies with M16s, and sales of over-priced but high cache ARs are flat.

I dunno.

The timing was odd for getting out of the civilian market for a time, either way, but maybe that might not have been helped.

And maybe option #3.  Colt is making bad management decision.  I mean when HASN'T Colt been making bad management decisions?  In my lifetime, sure.

Option D:  All of the above.

Goin with D?  Goin with D.   What I don't know is the weight of the A, B, C.


Tim said...

They did this before when they were fat with Military contracts. Then FN won and I believe they filed for chapter 11 when they didn't have the civilian market to rely on.

Comrade Misfit said...

Colt has been making bad decisions for a very long time. They have zero in the way of advanced products. Their newest product is a sixty-year old rifle design.

Hell, they're reputed to have lost money making guns during the Second World War.