Sunday, September 8, 2019

Johnny Dollar's dollars

So, I was listening to the Todd Matter.

A $75,000 insurance case is being investigated.  But when?

Well a wealthy person has a 1955 Cadillac in this episode, assume it is relatively new.  Mid 50s.  That's the answer as to when this story took place. 

My house cost $11,000 in 1952, so $75k is five houses, in the mid 1950s?  Give or take.

A 1955 Eldorado cost, base price, $5,814.

Ok, so we got relative money values.

The story revolves around a stolen mink coat.  That cost $11,000.  Eleven G's.

The lady is wearing two Cadillacs!

 How were fur coat ever that expensive.  Well they can run as high as $150k these days, so I guess it is me.  I'm the one that is out of touch on luxury items. 

$11k just floored me when I heard it on the old time radio podcast.


Also, Johnny must have PTSD.  Most every week a person gets killed before his very eyes.  Or he watches them die in the hospital.  Often because of murder, and almost always violently.  He was in t
the Marines during the war, and a police Sergeant in New York before taking up the job as an insurance investigator.  Both those jobs see more than an average person's fair share of death.  There are morticians that have seen fewer corpses than Johnny Dollar.  That could probably weigh on a man.

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