Monday, September 16, 2019

Innsmouth Cast

In H P Lovecraft's story The Shadow Over Innsmouth the denizens of the named decrepit Massachusetts town are a bit teched.   This affliction comes from close intimate contact with an ancient race of people called Deep Ones.  Symptoms of someone that exhibits these traits are small ears, a narrowing head, and prodigious, unblinking eyes.  Hmmm....

If it's any consolation, Senator Spartacus, Deep Ones live an exceedingly long time, swim well, and are very very powerful beings.  But you probably don't want to be connected to anything Lovecraftian for a whole host of reasons.

Oh, and fish lips McBugeyes thinks you should be required to maintain a federal license to keep a firearm.

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Windy Wilson said...

My Scoutmaster was a Navy man, and spoke to us Scouts about many things, including how when Sailors get drunk they tend to talk about their misspent youths. He said it was especially funny to hear 18 year old sailors talk about their misspent youths.

Senator Spartacus is fond of speaking about White Privilege, while ignoring the fact that both his parents were analysts for the IRS. What about "Two-high-achieving-parents privilege", Senator Spartacus? What could you possibly understand about a poor white and his experience of "white privilege", or a poor black and the cultural of defeat rampant in the 'hood? A culture of defeat fed by Democrats of his social level intended to keep people dependent on government largess and voting Democrat forever.