Thursday, September 12, 2019

Range 8 Sept.

I learned today there are really two types of flinches I can discern.  Major and minor.

75 more rounds through the rental Commodity Plastic Striker Fired Service Pistol.

Not bad.

Back to the flinch types. 

  1. Good job!  Keep that up!  Doing great!
  2. Minor flinch.  Sorta called it when they happened?
  3. Major flinch.  Oh yeah, I knew those were flinches when it happened before looking for the holes. 

But the worst shots are still 3 inches from the best shots.  Only one off the target major flinch on target #4.  I consciously went faster on target #3. 

When I was doing good I was relaxed, focusing on the front sight and not thinking about prairie dogging my looking at the target, and the trigger pull was good.  But that's always the secret

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