Saturday, September 7, 2019

Viper MkI

"A simplified Sten gun."

Wait, how do you make a Sten simpler?

Better watch.

Yup.  That is simple. Jeezum crow, making something Spork simple even simpler.  It's practically Foon simple.

So, you spec out the common parts and the hard machining part is a barrel and a bolt assembly... I am going through the fabrication order of operations in my head, see....

But yeah, one of the more complicated operations on that viper is all the woodworking required.  Easier now, these days, with CNC routers, tho.

1 comment:

Ratus said...

"…all the woodworking required. Easier now, these days, with CNC routers, tho."


Ain't nobody got time for that.

It will either be a crappy injection molded clamshell or 3d printed.

Hell, if we're talking total hardware store build, maybe even PVC.