Tuesday, September 10, 2019


So, Bigfoot has ads.  They sell a $75 belt that is reinforced.  I don't have to tell you that if you have a holster you want to hang it off a decent belt.  Bigfoot is trying to sell you a decent belt. 

Except here is the ad.

Well, yes a flimsy standard belt is no bueno.  Hey, wait a minute.  Is that a nickel Beretta in a $12 nylon holster

I guess he blew his upgrade money on the belt and will have to wait til his Milt Sparks VM2 gets made and shipped (and charged) to him.  Hope he got the shark trim.  I really like the shark trim.  But that should spread the payments out. 

But yeah, if you are going to advertise your high end product, maybe don't use low end accessories with it.  That's like getting an ugly misshapen creature like me to be your butt model.   Not good for bidness.


ASM826 said...

Prices have gone up. That's a nickel Beretta in a $23 nylon holster.

Windy Wilson said...

So. The only top end product shown there is the belt?