Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Anyone else do this?

So I got a hankering for something my mom used to make back in the 80s.  I remember it as parmesian dill oyster crackers, but I bet it was more like this:

With the Hidden Valley Ranch in there, too. It's easy enough to make, ranch, dill, cheese, oil, some lemon pepper; and poof, baked homemade junkfood.

The thing I do different.  My curve ball.

It calls for a quarter cup of oil.  If I was making salad dressing I'd think olive oil.  But I still had warm liquid bacon grease right there from breakfast, and a big pat of butter quickly liquified in that.  Top off with peanut or olive oil to get to the measurement.

Why waste the oil, I'm not trying to be healthy, and I kinda like the hint of bacon flavor. 

Whatdaya think?