Monday, November 18, 2019

Standard Monday

I shoulda saved my canteen post for today.

I obviously compose Monday posts on Sunday.  Or before if I have a lotta post ideas in my tank.  But Sunday's are lazy, I guess.  So I come up empty.

Tam, on Facebook, posted a nice picture of Melody Lauer doing some range instructing.  Part of that picture showed a double holster at the 6 o'clock position on the gentleman (in a red t-shirt) she was training.  Sorta like this:

You know, for dual wielding.

I don't know if I need one or want one, but I kinda like that this exists.  With this rig, a holster at 3 and 9, maybe opposing Appendix carry, both pockets, something small on both ankles, and double shoulder holsters you could be carrying...

Carry the two...

ALL the pistols.  All of them.

Boy, howdy, but don't fall in water that is over your head.

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McChuck said...

This is how The Phantom concealed carries a brace of 1911s.