Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I am too sedentary

I need to move more.

I also hate summertime heat.

"Well, I got good news for ya, T-Bolt!  It's cool outside.  Go for a walk."

Sounds like a good idea, I will do that.  Brisk enough to get the heart rate up a bit.   It won't make me skinny, but it might make me stay on the right side of the dirt a little longer.  T-Bolters like to die of cancers, not heart conditions.  I don't wanna be the first.


Ugh, I remember why I have been reticent to wear out some shoe leather.  My spine is jacked up.  Walking a mile, even, exacerbates it.  I bet continued walking will fix it up as long as I don't overdue it.  "You are old T-Bolt, but keep at it.  Baby steps wins the race."

Hey, remember how camping on the cold hard ground DIDN'T bother your decrepit spine?  Sleep on the floor at home!

Careful in your 20s folks.  Be active, but don't abuse your body. 

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