Saturday, November 9, 2019

Got a case of the blahs


It will pass.

Hmmm, I didn't go to the range this week!  Drat.  No wonder I have no fodder.

That camping trip a week ago?  We had a single shot pneumatic pellet gun and small metal spinner target to play with.  Took a few to get the measure of the trigger, but once there, hits every time.  It's always the trigger pull. Secret to life, almost.  You can get away with a whole lot wrong if you have a perfect trigger pull.  No, I'm not saying I have a perfect trigger pull.  I'm saying I'd be unstoppable if I did.

This pellet gun was a Diana.   Grip designed for a righty and danged inconvenient for a lefty gripper.

This is an example of the model.  You see the thumb notch for a righty.

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