Monday, November 4, 2019

So explain something to me

Democrats, and Democrats alone, lead by current office holders Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer in a #2 leadership spot, passed the Affordable Care Act.

The GOP universally said it would be awful.  It has been awful.  And now ALL the candidates for president say it is awful, except, perhaps a little bit, Joe Biden.  All want to scrap it and have a scheme for its replacement.  (The scheme varies between each flavor but it is essentially 'more' and 'harder'.)

So, the Dems screw up healthcare coverage, royally, and now they want the American people to trust them to fix the coverage they screwed up?  You irreparably damaged a slightly flawed system and made it much worse, now you want to break it more and you are counting on us to forget it is all your side's fault?

Why are folks not noticing this?  Trust you, on that track record?  Why?

If we had actual journalist instead of this lot we have now someone would ask them that question.

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CI said...

Outstanding point. Of course, the GOP attempting to pass DOA bills until we’re all blue in the face, then winning the White House and both branches of Congress and doing........nothing. Makes me ask the same questions......