Monday, November 11, 2019


Miguel posted this classic Norman Rockwell painting for Veterans Day.

Embiggenate this picture titled Homecoming

Looks like someone is home from war.

I love Rockwell immensely, but this one always bugged me.  Initially because I thought that one kid had shimied high up a utility pole and was close to the electrical service.  But no, he is just endangering himself on a regular ol' tree.  The wires about are phone lies.  So, I relax a bit.

Wait how did that guy repairing that flimsy, poorly supported, porch roof get up there, and how is he gonna get down.  Well, there is one way to get down.  When that roof collapses and we get six casualties.  And secret girlfriend will see it all.  Does soldier boy's family not approve of you, young lady? 

Lotsa blue stars on that back lot.  No gold ones, thank goodness. 

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