Saturday, November 23, 2019

What to take on Safari

What do you take on Safari?

I can tell you what not to take.  Selfies.

That Jimmy Johns guy gets's PETA up his arse for going hunting in Africa.  Thing is, he gave it up 15 years ago.  But every few years PETA posts an old photo of him standing next to dead charismatic mega fauna and now erryone has to donate to kitty murderers at PETA and eat Subway?

And it's always someone new.  Like this lady.

The lesson here, maybe don't take pictures of your hunting trips.  If you do, maybe don't smile.  Or pose with the game you harvested.  Even hunting ethically will get the anti-hunting zealots up your posterior if they see a propaganda value in your images.

Or take all the smiling pictures posing near nude next game you fell, but be careful not to leak them somewhere they can get on social media and come back to you.

I mean, still do it.  The hunt stuff you enjoy, I mean. Still hunt.  And enjoy it.  That's one of the Hater's biggest goals.  To make you miserable enough that it's no fun anymore and you quit.  And take a n00b with you.  Get them to have fun.  Cook up that meat in the smoker after wrapping it in bacon, server that backstrap with taters.  Nom.  Just be mindful about giving ammunition to the enemy


The Neon Madman said...

But on the other hand, T-bolt, I wish more people would stand up, fight back and tell the haters to get f@$%ked. Otherwise, we continue to cede the high ground to them.

To not take pictures, talk or post about your hunt, etc. essentially means that they have succeeded in setting the rules.

Maybe I am in a more advantageous position than others. Try too get me fired? I'm retired. Try to get me kicked off social media? Ain't there to start with. Try to publically embarrass me? Good luck with that. But maybe that's just me. I do wish, however, that more people in this country would find their backbones and start standing up to the loudmouth and moral busybodies that are always trying to define the rules of behaviour to their own view.

Doc Merlin said...

I think I agree with Neon Madman, if you want to win a culture war, you have to come out of the closet.