Tuesday, November 26, 2019

That old dream comes back

Variations of this dream are recurring, throughout my life.

I am at my grandparent house that was on the Chesapeake bay, south of the Patuxent River mouth, north of the Potomac's, with a great big wide horizon.  In the 70's you couldn't see the far shore, so nothing but water to the East.  I was sleeping on the porch, and it was winter.  I must have woke up around 6 because the sun was just peaking up.  Then the moon zipped up past it, incredibly fast and impossibly full.  The bay was full of ice.  Not the usual ice, but like Great Lakes floes.  Then a hull came right at the house out of the northeast.   No mast or upper works.  It had a stylized figurehead emblem.  Not a person but like a capital letter B.  It beached and drove up, but shy of the house.  There were Roman soldiers on board.  I had to get an English to Latin dictionary of the grandfathers to communicate with them.

It's a good dream.  Rarely do the random ships land.

Inspirations that triggered this dream:

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