Wednesday, November 13, 2019


I have mentioned this before.  I like these kind of gloves.

Nomex flight gloves.  They are thin and can easily be stashed in small internal jacket pockets and forgotten about.  In an emergency they can stretch the time from your hands getting frostbit from 1 minute to 30 on really cold days.  Not ideal, but better than near instant.  With them on, you can tied your shoes, work your belt, and your zippers.  Not ideal, but good enough.

But they excel more when pared with other gloves and become glove liners.  You can take off your thick good glove and perform those tasks above and have zero risk of flash freezing.

Not that it gets to -40 around here.

But what can't they do, and what I only discovered recently because this is my first winter with my very own, first ever, Big Boy Smart Phone....  The finger tips are remarkably dexterous, but do not work with a touch screen.  You have to take off the glove to work a smart phone.

And then... if your finger tip gets cold even bare skin no longer works.  You fingertip has to be warm.   For that I stick my my finger tip in a bodily orifice to keep it warm enough to smear the buttons on the screen.

My MOUTH, fool!  But the other orifi prolly work.


Ratus said...

If you don't want to keep sticking your finger in your… uhhh "mouth", this stuff apparently exists to deal with your problem.

Glen Filthie said...

Where do you buy them!?!?

I would love a pair but nobody seems to sell them anymore...