Thursday, November 7, 2019

Sort of a prediction

Trump easily wins re-election.  The opposition is over-estimating the opposition to him, and who they got to oppose him are pretty milque toast.

Also, I have a feeling the GOP loses control of the Senate, and no more... ZERO... judges get confirmed for 4 years. 

This makes me a little sad for my gun rights.  In 2025, unless the current judicial makeup nails it down firm, those rights erode away for the forseeable future.  And I don't think the good guy will pass a case that will last as long as say, Roe, has.  50 years of abortions in 50 states?  It'd be nice to flip that and get 50 years of shall issue in 50 states.


The Neon Madman said...

I think that Trump's support is underestimated, and I trust none of the polls. I have no trust in the major media either, but that predates Trump.

I will place much of the blame for the slow (or lack of) progress in some of the areas that we are concerned about at the door of the Republican establishment. The lack of support or even outright opposition to Trump from his own side is distressing.

At some point the Dems will be back in the driver's seat again. Maybe one year, maybe 5 years, who knows. If we haven't made enough progress by then, or (metaphorically) built our fortifications up high enough, we will inevitably get hammered.

Jerry The Geek said...

I don't like to thinkg about future (or even, so much, present) political caapola. It's like the weather: whatever happens, heppens.

West wind or East wind, Democratic or Republican .. it's an ill wind blowing and either direction it comes from, we will all suffer.

Antibubba said...

I used to think I was a one-issue voter. 2A or go away. But Trump will sell gun owners out in a second if it benefits him, and I don't think he has any interests in mind but his own.

So I'll be voting Libertarian again, it seems.

Obama's boyfriend said...

If offensive behavior worries those that sit enthroned in their easy chairs, if rising taxes disturbs them, if warnings that they are regarded as irreducible and intolerable are not heeded though I think most sensible beings do react to Antifa thugs, then I do not believe the bedbug party use of the walking dead, cemeteries, dementia patients, druggies, and illegals will be sufficient to win the senate. Quiet the opposite in fact.

Now I may be wrong and many American lost in a drug induced stupor. But I doubt that this threat to their future will not rouse them. Otherwise how does one explain the support for Trump we see each time he ventures forth.

It ammters not what the polls say, what the MSM says, it matters what we see.