Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got some accessories

So the stock arrived.

I didn't get this, sadly.

I had already mounted the fore stock and red dot EOTech optic.  And some sling swivel items came. And the combination foregrip bipod.

Now to test it at the range.  Got a trip planned with MBtGE.

The reviews of the stock said I might have issues with fitting.  It is a tight fit, and the video on the website gave me confidence, and that is all as it should be.  I went at it with a firm placement and it worked.  Easy, in hindsight.

You know what I am going to like?  The convenience of the bipod, so I can leave my rifle upright.

Update:  Sling swivels and flashlight came today.


Anonymous said...

Man, that is bad ass. How's the weight?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The weight is comparable to the wood stock. I am loving how light it is.