Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What a shame...

On first read...  One of the ostensible gun guys at the Metrocon National Review doesn't see anything wrong with NY's microstamping scheme.  And they'd been doing so well, lately.  Might as well invite David Frum back to comment on firearms issues. 

But in the second half or the article!  What's this!  It was a bait and switch, drawing in urban conservatives that think guns are icky and showing how a gun ban proposal which seems ok at first glance is really just another unshined turd and something conservatives shouldn't support.  (tip to urban conservatives... if the NYTimes is seeming reasonable to you, it is probably a trick.)

From shame to trimuph!

(He was really commenting on the NYTimes touting the bad bill.  Nothing shameful.  But a quick initial skim left me disappointed that he might have turned to the dark side, prompting me to read more carefully.  So mea culpa VerBruggen for my initial lack of faith.)

Money quote: 

"The problem with New York’s legislation, in my view, is that it forces the costs of microstamping on law-abiding gun manufacturers, who pass them on to their overwhelmingly law-abiding customers."

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Angus McThag said...

The real solution is to pull the Barrett trigger on them if you're a manufacturer.

No sales to Law Enforcement where your guns cannot be sold to common citizens. It's such a teeny part of the market anyways.

The distributors will end-run you but eventually the LE will need service.