Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Lots of guns have onboard strorage.  A cleaning kit is customarily stored in these places.  But the AR platform has a plethora of extra trunk space possible.

What do you store in yours, apart from cleaning kits and spare batteries for the optics?

Things I've been thinking of...  Alan wrenches, broken shell/case remover, bore snake, a tiny bottle of Break Free, sight tool, a Werther's Toffee candy,

Also... a mag pouch for one mag that attaches to a weaver/picatinny rail...  I need to see if those exist...


That Guy said...

The rail mount mag pouch does exist:

I dont have anything stowed on my AR right now, but I always thought that airline whiskey bottle would fit in the hollow grip.

Just a joke.

Geodkyt said...

On my home defence rifle (it's actually my "everything" AR right now, which is why it has a 2-point sling and 4x main optic -- but it stays in the bedroom, with ammo at hand, for defence duty) right now:

Quick-adjust 2 point sling, with quick disconnect (in case I end up being tossed around by my own kit because he snatched the rifle while I was clearing a malf). I will probably change that to a single point when I build a rifle dedicated solely to home defense.

Full cleaning kit, including Boresnake, toothbrush, short rod handle, fiberoptic borelight/chamber block, small bottle of CLP (the size that's about as tall as an AA battery, but fatter, with a brass nut in the bottle to ensure good mixing), picks, and a chamber brush.

Adjustment tools for sights (BUIS, illuminated 4x main, offset red dot, TLR-2S. . . every one of the damn things uses a different tool -- must see about fixing that).

A full set of replacement batteries for everything.

CAT tourniquet on sling (the last situation you want to find yourself fumbling for the trauma kit in the back of the linen closet is when you're bleeding out from incoming fire -- so I have a one-handed TK ON the rifle, to buy me time to get to a full kit.)

Of course, NEXT to my rifle is the Oh, Sh1t Bandolier (not a bug out bag). It's a MOLLE SAW pouch on a sling with spare mags, a milsurp Otis cleaning kit (one of the round pouches) for rifle and pistol, a holstered, pistol lanyarded to the pouch, a mag pouch for spare pistol ammo, a handheld flashlight lanyarded to the pouch, a small one handed folding knife, a trauma kit based on an IFAK, and (just for S&G, and because this is America), an OKC3 bayonet. (Oh, and a small operator/maintenance manual in a ziplock bag, in case it's not ME using the rifle, but a trusted guest. Think Katrina/LA Riot neighborhood watchgroups, where you may be "on guard" for several days before it's All Clear. Army wisdom: Always keep your -10 manuals with the corresponding gear! {grin})

Geodkyt said...

Also, for a home defense carbine, weight isn't nearly as much an issue as you may think -- you're not schlepping it over the hills and far away, and your engagement arcs are probably pretty canalized (hallways, through doorways, etc.)