Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Upcoming Gun Show

Fun Show is comin' this weekend.  And Ima GOIN'!

I got cash I've saved up $40 a week for years that I think I can dip into...  What should I get?

I'm thinking that Upper.  But that's a lot to think on.  I better review the comments.  There and here, from 2 years ago, to see what my thinking was then..

I have the stock and lower parts and sights coming this week, too, so, conceivably, all else I'd need is ammo.  (Had PMAGS for a month, thanks to MBtGE.)

I guess my search for the perfect light weight handy carbine was staring me in the face for five years.  It's the AR.  I should sell the SIG P229 and all the .40 rounds and put 5.56 ammo cans in their place.

So what else.

I'll probably get that single stack XD 45 someday, but not at the gun show.  Transfer back to Maryland is too big a hassle.  Besides, I want to see if they'll need to recall the pistols first.  Not that I think they will, but a nice seasoning period never hurts.  A spare snubbie or spare Commander is also out for the same transfer reason.

I'm always sorta shopping for the Winchester Model 88.  And, being a long gun, I can actually buy it in Virginia without issue.

Lefty guns are always something I look at.  Could be something interesting, there, you never know...

 I don't think I will be so intimidated this time.  My first gun show was sensory overload.  So much to see!  So gobsmacked about it that I couldn't focus or concentrate.  But now it is old hat.  Which is good ifn you don't wanna go overboard.  "Look, a bullet-proof vest for a Dalmation sized dog!  I like Dalmations!  Give me three doggie vests!"


Bubblehead Les. said...

You might want to look for that Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle in 7.62. I've seen a Lefty up here, so they should be on the shelves down there.

Though if you are going for the 5.56, that new MVP from Mossberg might be nice.

For me, there's just something appealing about having a Bolt Gun that holds more than 5 rounds with a Detachable Magazine.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'd never go for that Ruger Gunsite because of the magazine issue.

ProudHillbilly said...

I just went to my first gun show this year. It was overwhelming. I bought what ML told me I needed to buy...

Ammo said...

I always recommend Ruger Guns to my every friends because of tit quality.