Monday, November 30, 2015

A Marine Buddy

Of mine doesn't like pistols or want an AR in his house.  Like many Marines I know, they become half Hippie after leaving the Corps.  They still LIKE shooting, but scary black rifles are too scary to keep around.  He'll play with mine.

He has a shotfun for home defense.   And WANTS a boltie in .308.

He got to try one of his buddies Mossberg bolt action in that chambering, and now this same individual is gonna sell the gun at a steal of a price.

Problem is?  It doesn't work very well.  But, from what they describe, it sound magazine related.  And Mossberg says it will use a variety of magazines...  So I am thinking that some magazine work better than others, and that he can get this rifle, find those magazines, and be happy with the purchase. 

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Farm.Dad said...

I dont have a MVP and of the few i have shot some are pretty bombproof and some seem to have issues no matter what .
You might try poking around a bit over at for ideas/info