Thursday, November 12, 2015

More 'Shooting' Class AAR

Still doing it. 

Progress is slow.  Because I am slow.  A slow head. 

I'm clever with a  lot of things but to really get to KNOW something... seems to take me longer than most folks.  Slow head. 

After the second or third class I came to the realization (and it was confirmed) that pretty much everything EVERYTHING is the instruction is to get the trigger pull right.  Relax?  That will help your trigger pull.  Grip the gun like so?  Helps the trigger pull.  Don't hunch up the shoulders?  Helps the trigger pull.  Turn with your kneecaps, not your arms?   Trigger pull. 

But 'relax' is the big thing to help the trigger pull.  He even adds layer up layer of stressors to overcome to push that 'relax' because with a real gun and nothing else, well you still have that jumping loud explosion in your hand and that is stressful by itself.  How to add stress?  The usual.  Loud music, noises, having to do shoot-no-shoot generic targets, photo realistic target where a target is a man that has a gun or has a badge.  And the gun and badge look almost the same...

But I am not there yet.  So I signed up for more sessions.  After a body gets good with the sessions he takes you to a real range for some live fire training. 

Yeah, it's shooter kindergarten.  But I need shooter kindergarten. 

What do I want?  I want to be a Great World Class Shooter.   Top of the world.  I want people to be depressed when they hear I am coming to a shooting competition.  Am I, realistically, gonna get there?  No.  But I will settle for getting to be a 'better' shooter.  And, with a little luck and work and practice maybe I will get to 'much better' shooter.

But it's all in the trigger pull.


Old NFO said...

That's all our goal... to be better. Nothing wrong with your approach!

Arthur said...

"But it's all in the trigger pull."

Yeah, but it isn't.

The bore needs to be at the right angle to the target. That's it. That's all there is.

When the round goes off the bore needs to be lined up correctly to the target. All of your neuroses won't alter that.

Your trigger pull can screw that up, but not change that fact.

Are your sights on the target when the primer detonates? If your gun is properly sighted you'll hit it.

A long distance shot with a rifle has a lot of factors that can influence your success, a pistol not so much.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

My trigger pull is the biggest thing knocking the bore off its axis