Sunday, November 8, 2015

Long Commute

A buddy at work is moving to Pennsylvania, just over the line.  His commute will be more than 50 miles, but his place is in some beautiful country.  Good deer hunting on his acreage.  The only gun he owns is a Remington 700, so...  Good there.

But now that he is in a free state and he allowed to buy a gun what should he get?


Tim said...

Shameless taken off Mossberg's web site..

500® FLEX™
America’s favorite shotgun coupled with the innovative FLEX TLS tool-less locking system makes for the most adaptable shotgun platform in the world, allowing users to easily switch between multiple shooting applications in seconds and without tools.

The Navy uses the 500 so you know it's almost Sailor proof. :)

SgtRed said...

While he should of course have a shotgun, a .22 is probably the most fun, and everyone should own an AR-15.

Get both! Get a nice AR-15 and a CMMG .22 conversion. Seriously fun.

John said...

The answer to what gun should I buy is, yes!

And start thinking about his Pennsylvania concealed carry permit and the gun for that reason.

And SgtRed is correct, an AR-15 and a .22 lr upper are good choices. (even when your wife says, cool, now I want an AR and a .22 upper also.)