Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Even the Centers for Disease Control is opening their eyes to the Zombie menace.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well! FINALLY the Gooberment is taking a Zed Outbreak Seriously! Now that our Tax Money has been spent by the CDC to warn us, I believe that YOU should receive a nice, fat, cushy Federal Job as the Northern Maryland Regional Director of Zombie Preparedness for FEMA. Can't think of any one more Qualified. Think of all the Perks: Nice office, couple of Secretaries, dozen or so staff members, free Gooberment Assault Truck, free Commo, Computers, Emergency Supplies, your own Command Bunker, Weapons Training at Quantico, etc. You'd be Perfect!

Which is why you'll never get the gig. It'll go to some Incompetent Political Hack who's made lots of Donations to the Party over the years, and the first thing he'll tell people to do is buy a 12 Gauge.

John Farrier said...

Naturally the state doesn't want you to arm yourself against Zach. Once the undead menace is disposed of, you might decide to keep your gun.