Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just got back from the NRA convention.  Tired.  Lots of blog fodder for the coming week.

What was the best part?  The camaraderie from hanging out with some two dozen other bloggers.  THAT was a true joy.  Good fun.  I got to meet Uncle!  And Farmer Frank!  Breda's mom!  LOTS more.  Tres cool.

I saw Gunnier R. Lee Ermey and Sammy L. Davis.

I shook Alan Gottlieb's hand.

I shook Dick Heller's hand.

I shook Alan Gura's hand again.

I happily gave a hand to Mike Vanderboegh.  I may not always agree with his style, but I appreciate his pressure on 2A issue.  He afflicts the comfortable, and comforts the afflicted.  And someone needs to be in that roll.  And lately he is ON a roll.

Also, why doesn't Google blogspot know how to spell 'bloggers' in the onboard spellcheck?

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Old NFO said...

Glad you made it back okay, and yeah, it WAS fun wasn't it? :-)