Sunday, May 22, 2011


I picked up Z1N1, another zombie novel.

I like to give books a chance, and can dial my head back to lower reading levels for the ease and entertainment, but this book, I just can't get past the writing. 

I'm not saying I'm better.  If I had a plot to flesh out and self-published a book, it'd probably be of this quality.  But at least I haven't foisted my meager talents onto an unprepared and innocent public in the form of book length fiction.  Yet.

"Show, don't tell," was what anyone that tried to teach me writing said.  This is mostly 'tell.'  And not a noun goes by without modification by at least one adjective.  Good way to pad the word count, I guess.

I'll try to give it one more chance.


JB Miller said...

I sometimes enjoy a "First Person" story that is heavy on the "Telling". The difficult part about those books and what makes them good or bad, is that the narrator has to be good.

Laura said...

Have you read Feed yet? It was a quick read, but thoroughly enjoyable. You might like it.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, since I missed the Rapture, and the only Dead I see walking the Earth are heading into U.S. Capitol Building to vote for robbing us Blind, I guess I better get me that Kindle and Download some summer reading.