Thursday, May 19, 2011

You know what this is?

You've heard the News.  The world is ending.  Saturday.  Some religious sect has been finding hidden codes in the Bible that indicate a calendar.  And 21 May is the Day of Judgement.  6PM Eastern to be more precise.

I had let all that slip by me as another false prediction of the end of the world.  It's happened so many times that you can't help but get a little jaded. 

Then I heard part of an interview on the radio from a representative of this End of Times group.  He said, "according to the Bible, the dead will rise from the grave..."

Oh dear.  OH DEAR! 

Zombacalypse!!!  I am NOT ready.  I'm crossing my fingers I get taken up in the Rapture, but at this point in my life?  My chances are a bit slim, I admit.  The God I know is prettu impressive and I'm sure he has high standards of excellence in his selection.  I doubt I'll make the cut.  I wasn't the kind of kid that got picked LAST in kickball or dodgeball, but near last. 

But to remain behind with the walking dead.  I am not NEAR ready.  I better stay sober Saturday evening, just in case.  There are 2 VERY large cemetarys 2 miles from me.  One to the north, the other to the northwest.  The northwest one even has my grandparents in it.  How ironic would it be to be treed by Zombie-Granma? 

It could be a long summer for those Left Behind.

And some of you scoffed at me for my Zombie Prep.  Who's the man, now, Dog?


Bubblehead Les. said...

Damn it! I don't have the Suppressor for the .22 yet! Guess I'll just have to stick with my buddy's 1919 and hole up at my Super Secret Bunker.

Nancy R. said...

I hope they took into account that pesky Julian to Gregorian calendar change thing.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oooo, that means we're hosed on Memorial Day weekend instead!

Or maybe it's 6PM on Memorial Day Monday? That'd be sweet.