Sunday, May 1, 2011

I kinda like these


They are like the Red Dot optic of iron sights.  Ok, that was a horrible marketing slogan.  But that doesn't mean it can't be used in an ad...

When I bought my Sig P229, I was worried I'd hate the ball on post sights.  I thought I was used to 3 dot standard, and that I'd never get used to the different system.  I was wrong, and it's become my favorite way to aim a pistol.  Dot the i and go.  Put the lollipop on the target.  That sort of thing. 

The XS Sight System goes that route but BIGGER.  The rear notch is more 'broad,' the front tritum bead is more HUGER!  And faster front sight acquisition is the name of the game for self defense.  I'm seriously considering putting this on the Commander (it has no tritium and is 3-dot, my Gov't has tritium) and maybe the frontsight alone on the 640.  Yes, I like that system that much.  So what bad thing about them am I overlooking?  I was never going to use the specced pistols for bullseye shooting, anyway.

I'd have blogged about this sooner, but I didn't know the product's name when I went looking for it again on Brownells.

Update:  I got the chance to fondle them and chat up the folks at the convntion booth.  That is, fondle the sights, not the booth reps.  They even had samples on a 1911 and J Frame blue gun.  Yup, it's on the List now, of things to spend money on.

More update.


Tam said...

Tried 'em. Went back to regular notch & post.

They were "really fast on close, big targets", just as I was told. Of course, so is just getting a coarse visual index. Or point shooting.

And they were inferior for every other use where I might actually need the sights.

See the discussion here:

Huey said...

I got them on my G19 and love them...

Bubblehead Les. said...

It is True. I was standing right next to him. T-Bolt did NOT fondle the reps, just the sights.