Friday, May 6, 2011

Convention Chiappa

I got to handles the Chiappa Rhino at the convention.

I was impressed a bit.

There is a grip size choice, small medium and large, with various materials.

The trigger pull is acceptable.  Only a hair under my 640.  A slight hesitation at the break.  More than acceptable.  I've fired worse production triggers, certainly.  And only custom DA triggers I've fired are better. 

It's a light gun, weightwise, owing to the alloy frame.  Lighter than my steel 640.

The SA option is novel, on guns with a hammer.  You cock it and the hammer is loose, and up against the frame.  That's because all the trigger work is deep inside the pistol.  Kinda different, but no big deal.  I'd love to fire one.


JB Miller said...

They say actually firing one is the thing that sells them. Recoil is different. A push straight back.

It's on my want list!

elmo iscariot said...

Did you try the triggers on the larger models? According to the rep at their downstairs booth, the 2" guns were new for the NRA con, but the full sized guns had been around the show circuit. Danielle and I noticed a dramatic difference in the triggers--it looks like they may slick up really nicely with use.

Laura said...

i really, really want one. it's near the back of the list (have a few MUST GETs sitting before it) but i do intend to buy one.

Les Jones said...

Question on the hammer. I know it isn't the actual hammer. It just cocks the internal hammer.

So how do you decock it? If the gun's loaded and cocked and you don't want to fire a round what do you do?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Les, I was wondering that same thing after I left the convention when it was too late to check.

Phenicks said...

Per the NRA Rifleman mag, you decock it like a standard revolver: hold the hammer and pull the trigger and gently put the hammer down.