Wednesday, May 18, 2011

William Vs Maryland final argument due...

Or is it Woollard v. Sheridan?

Did it come out today?  Was the State's response laughable this time?

~90 day waiting game from now for Judge Legg or Chasanow to issue a ruling.  Middle of August?  By Labor Day.

Update:  Link on this page to the pdf. 

Probably will need a ruling from SCOTUS reiterating that the right does indeed extend past your home's threshold. 


FightinBluHen51 said...

Today's the last "briefing" day in Woollard vs. Sheridan et al. We'll all be laughing over @ later with the posting to PACER and laughing over the circular logic employeed by Gansler. Feel free to join us.

Monday of this week, SCOTUS requested a reply to the petition for cert in the Williams vs MD case before it goes to conference (I think it was originally scheduled to conference tomorrow on 5/19 but is not listed by SCOTUSblog on their Petitions to watch thread). I have not seen it pulled or listed by them for a "relist" watch.

By rule, MD has 30 days to respond to the request. It is also generally accepted that they can ask and receive an automatic 30 day extension.

Hope that helps.

Frozen said...

Woollard v Sheridan, here's the brief:

(this assumes you were logged in to the MD Shooters boards).