Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter schools the Democrats on their racist past and current racist policies regarding gun control.

Many very smart members of the Progressive Intelligentsia will undoubtedly counter with biting and clever ripostes and carefully worded and meticulous supported factual counter-arguments like:


"Coulter is a Doody-Head!"


"Look, she has Man-Hands!  So everything she says is invalid!"


LJP said...

Coulter is wrong. We need the right to bear arms to protect us from anybody with the mentality of Coulter or yourself lest they take over this country. When that happens we should shoot all your jack-booted thugs before they even touch us.

Anonymous said...

Why are liberals so violent?

LJP said...

If you saw my blog you wouldn't think I was 'liberal'. I'd rather be violent than considered weak.