Thursday, April 5, 2012

Judge Legg to Maryland

Day before yesterday the Judge essentially said:

"Let me be clear.   Process Mr. Woollard's CCW permit app renewal immediately."

Bad news...  He has enacted a temporary stay in his ruling.  He will consider and rule on a permanent stay on the 23rd of May.  Money quote from Maryland Shall-Issue

"This means that the... ruling cannot yet take effect. The temporary stay is designed to give Maryland and SAF time to prepare a formal argument for and against a permanent stay until the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals rules. Unfortunately Maryland is still free to use Good & Substantial Reason [may issue] during the temporary stay. It is not yet known how Maryland will interpret the temporary stay "

Worst news.  I sent in my application through the mail not 15 minutes before I read this...




That said, if I HAD heard before hand I would have sent my application in anyway.  It's only 2+11+40+75+6 dollars.  $134?  Plus time.  I'll do it again if I have to after all the appeals are done.  Anyway, it's a waiting game now.  I am 'in the system.'


ProudHillbilly said...

And I will soooo insist that my daughter get one.

Stretch said...

Maryland will cash your check.
Maryland will NOT issue you a permit.

Anonymous said...

Realistically the state is sitting on permits until either their stay runs out or the appeal is over. There is no guarantee the stay will go beyond mid-June. If they are denied your permit will be issued. We have seen signs of the state getting ready for that eventuality.

The chances of them using a temp stay to deny permits is quite small. Bad karma in the court. Really looks bad. Keep in mind Gura agreed to the temp stay. Nobody has ever suggested Gura is a schmuck or fails to represent his clients.

Have faith, but don't blow the rent money.

- Patrick
President, Maryland Shall Issue

prabh said...

great post i like it to much thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for the stay to expire before I apply for a Maryland permit. Even though I have a permit, it's not from MD. . . but I live so close to MD and the geography of my Virginia county is that most of the time I'm driving farther than 30 miles, it's either headed north through Maryland, or it's a much shorter drive to cut THROUGH Maryland.

The PITA I go through on a regular basis, even when I am just cutting through MD to PA or another part of VA is maddening enough to make paying the absurdly high Maryland permit fee worth it to me. It's enoughn that I will go to great lengths to avoid spending ANY money in Maryland, even though I'm there quite often.

If I actually lived in Maryland, I don't think I could take the stress of knowing how little my state thinks of the value of the lives of my family and myself.