Friday, April 13, 2012

My CCW Application Update

On the 4th I mailed in my application.  On April 5th the tracking system from the Post Office said it was delivered.

On the 12th, yesterday, the application came back.  The check was uncashed.  It also had a letter from the State Police.

"[Blah blah blah, stuff about the district court case that went against them.  Blah blah blah, stuff about the temporary stay placed on the order a month later.  Blah blah blah, the state is appealing...]  You have recently submitted an application in which you have not provided any representation or evidence that you are a good or substantial [may issue clause, italics mine] reason to wear, carry or transport a handgun.  Therefore, rather than procession your application and denying it on that basis, we are returning your application and fee to you.  You have two options; you can resubmit your application and provide a good and substantial reason for your permit request and the State Police will process it as we have always done.  Or you can decide that you will not apply for a permit at this time, but instead will wait for a ruling from the appellate court."

During the court case, the State said they approved over 97% of applications.  The approval rate is high because no gunnie types have bothered knowing what would happen if they didn't have a good and substantial reason... denial.  If they had denied the flood of apps that came in the past month that would hurt their numbers and thus part of their court case argument.  Probably why they weren't tempted to take my money.  Gura has already beaten them like a screen door in a hurricane, why ask for more punishment.

Now, what to do if Judge Legg lifts his temporary stay but before the case reaches the Fourth Circuit?  I imagine the State will promptly ask the Fourth for another stay, thus going over Legg's head (heh!), and promptly put a stay of their own on the processing until they make their ruling a goodly time later.  So trying to duck in that window will also be a waste of fingerprinting and passport photoing and mailing money.  Unless the Circuit Court refuses to issue a stay of their own, in which case it will be off to the races again.

One last thing.  They gave contact information should I have any questions that have not been addressed or if I need additional information: email


mikee said...

One has to appreciate the Maryland bureaucratic mind, which finds it necessary to keep their false statistics on 97% licensee applicant approvals – by rejecting applications!

Only a state government bureaucrat would see that Catch-22, that complete malfeasance, that utter ridiculousness, as a successful model for the operation of their processes.

I lived in MD for a decade, and that was 12 years ago, and I still thank God regularly that I finally wised up and moved out of that hellhole.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sigh! Make sure you send a copy of that Denial off to SAF for more evidence that they can use. But I'd hold off on re-applying until this gets settled in the Courts.

Of course, you could start your own Lawsuit asking why the State of Maryland is denying you your Federal Constitutional RKBA, as defined in Heller and McDonald. I'd think 2 Supreme Court Rulings trumps a State Attorney General's Decree.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I normally don't like suggesting what people can do with their stuff. But have you heard of MSI? I would suggest browsing their site or and check out forms -> maryland 2A issues.


Anonymous said...

nevermind... just saw your post. ::facepalm::

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

No harm in highlighting the good work done by MSI, Anon. I would have had a much harder time getting my application ducks in a row without their website instructions. I highly recommend it for everyone applying.

Stretch said...

Quite frankly I'm astonished they didn't cash your check.
I give thanks every day for the Potomac River.

John said...

I too, just returned home today to find the same large brown envelope you just received.

We are in the same boat my friend.