Sunday, April 8, 2012


Apparently the Southern Poverty Law Center is drumming up some PSH over an explosion of patriot and militia groups.

I like that they added that graph.  Nice touch.

Well that Mayan Doomsday thing is coming, and the last time this growth of groups happened it was about Y2K.

Or... they are lying by changing what they count as a militia group.  Joined a Tea Party?  You are dressing up in camo and going to race rallies in the woods.

Or.....  there is a Democrat trying to pretend to be El Presidente for Life or summat.  What with the Court not mattering, and that he has decided that he can do the Legislature's job by Executive fiat and regulation.  And you gotta demonize the opposition and make it personal, ala Alinsky.  Oh, poor SPLC, they are such a shadow of their former selves.

And what the hell is wrong with being a Patriot, anyway? 


Bubblehead Les. said...

So how come there seems to be a co-relation of a Decline in Militias when there was a Republican President and a Rise when there was a Democrat? I thought that the Hippie MSM was telling us that there were MORE Right Wing Nutjob Guerilla Groups floating around, just in case Chaney needed them?

Oh, FWIW, under the Ohio Constitution, ALL able-bodied Buckeyes are members of the State Militia from age 17 until age 67. So that means there's about 7 Million of us up here. Or doesn't that count?

Anonymous said...

The Dems view Patriotism thusly.
Patriots are loyal to The Party.
Domestic terrorists are loyal to The Constitution.

Boat Guy said...

There's not a damn thing wrong with being a Patriot ... long's we win. If we lose, there'll be LOTS of things "wrong" with it.
Southern Preposterous Lie Center is just doing their master's bidding...