Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bloomberg PSH

Bloomberg says self-defense laws are a license to murder.

He's right, you know.  If you do away with long standing common law and make it impossible for the innocent to defend themselves then actual murderers will have a field day preying on people.

Oh wait, that's not what he meant?  Are you sure?

Maybe he is stupid and doesn't understand the law.  I have a feeling he is smart.  That means that what he is advocating is just evil, and a distortion of reality for his own evil agenda.  In which case... I don't like to wish harm on people, but... I hope Mayor Bloomberg chokes on a piece of food.  Not til he suffocates, just choke on it for a while and cause a bit of consternation in his mind.  You can wish that a little bit on people that are truly evil, can't you? 

If a person is someplace it is legal for them to be they should be able to defend themselves from violent felonious attack.  It's what Bloomberg's bodyguards do for him.  No different.


Stretch said...

Bloomberg lives in his own special world bounded by the Hudson and East Rivers. He has no idea of life in the real world.

Dale W said...

Maybe someone should suggest to OWS that they picket/protest this elitest one percenter. Then he/we could watch his bodyguards exercise their constitutional rights, with the additonal benefit of thinning the herd of neo-commies and fellow travellers that infest the NY financial district.