Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I've learned

Things to live by, from various sources...

Tam:  "Put up a blog post every day."

Archie's Mom:  "Always call first."

SaysUncle: "Don't get hung up on the X vs. Y debates.  Unless you are tweaking someone..."

MBtGE: "Have you tried a full reboot?  That fixes most things."

Dad: "I'd rather see your sister in a whorehouse than you in a seatbelt"  Then he beat my bloody with a sjambok.  That was my 9th birthday.

Archie:  "If it's stuck, apply some heat.  I'll go get the MAPP torch."

PO Bryndl (my batman in the Navy):  "Never drink grain alcohol after a few beers, sir."

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