Sunday, April 29, 2012


I often cover ground and stories already trod on by other gun bloggers.  It adds to the echo chamber and I'd rather not, but it is usually indicative that I have naught to write about. 

I DO try to throw my own angle into the scheme.  For instance, MBtGE's super power in the previous day's post.  Nobody was gonna connect THOSE two dots, chances are.  It's all part of the full exclusive service I try to provide every day at Hotel Thunderbolt.  Please stop calling the concierge so often, there is a senile old man that keeps waking him up at 4 AM to ask why it is so dark out in the afternoon.  He often calls back at 4:05 AM to ask why it is still so dark even though he went back to sleep for 4 hours since he last called.  And why are the digital clocks showing fractions and irrational numbers?

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