Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pet Peeve

Investing is what you do with your money.  Or one of the things you can do.  Do what you want with it, it's your money, I don't care.

Spending is what the government does with your money.  They never invest it.  They spend it.  And often waste it.  When they insist on calling it investment they are undoubtedly getting ready to waste your money.  They don't bother to call worthwhile spending 'investment'.  They rebadge the spending with another term to make it seem more worthwhile.  SEEM being the kicker term.  It's marketing.  It's trying to make the poop-burger look more palatable. 


Boat Guy said...

It's particularly galling when the guvmint insists they're "investing" MY money on my "behalf"

Mike W. said...

Yep, they're "investing" like a strung out crack whore

Anonymous said...

They are taking it at gun point and pissing it away on entitlements to people that don't need them.