Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bull Market

So if you had bought shares in Ruger and Smith and Wesson back in 2008 right before the election you'd have turned a pretty profit.  More than double in 2 years.

I am of the same opinion as Borepatch (or what opinion he used to have, as he has folded up like a cheap card table).  With the drop in enthusiasm from Millennials and Independents alone, plus he's not running against 8 years of W, Mussolini's corpse could beat Obama handily.  But it's not gonna be Il Duce, it's gonna be Mittens.  The Media will be against him, but people kinda notice when the unemployment is at a real 10% level, and gas and eggs and Cheerios is so much more expensive.  They won't be able to maintain the enthusiasm.  I'm seeing Carteresque auger-in.  I don't LIKE Mittens, but that's what I forsee.

So... what equities do we buy NOW that would be a parallel to firearm manufacturer's stocks that will take off in Romney's 4 years at the tiller?  Be nice to put a couple grand on something and take out 5 four years later.

Mitt himself uses a LOT of hair care products it seems.  Maybe buy stock in Aqua Net.

He's Mormon, people will be buying beer and coffee ahead of a ban.  And sales of green jello will spike.

He'll ditch the stupid greenjobs failures so go short on wind farm totem poles and go long on Exxon and North Dakota.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Food Companies. Little know fact time. The Weather Bureau has this thing called a Drought Monitor. Turns out that only 2 States got 100% of their Daily Nutritional Moisture this Winter, and they were Alaska and... OHIO! (Nyahnananyahnyah!). Turns out everyone else is Below Normal, and 61% of the States have Drought Conditions occurring even as we speak.

So that means less Food Crops and Animal Feed. Throw in Expensive Diesel to run the Tractors and the Combines, and that STUPID Corn Ethanol Policy, well, it's not looking pretty.

Thank Crom I got all that Canned Corn Beef when it showed up at my Grocer's a few months back... ; )

Borepatch said...

Missed this when I was doing the 15 hour drive ...

I actually think that the economy will continue to sputter under POTUS Mitt, because the housing market hasn't hit bottom and Mitt won't risk the unpopularity he'd get from letting it actually bottom out.

But until that starts to recover, I don't see a lot of upside.

So I'd go long on anti-depression and anti-psychotic manufacturers.