Wednesday, April 4, 2012


First as myself, J. T. Bolt, 223 Donder Avenue, born on February 2nd 1968.  Then, half and hour later, as Archie M. Crotchety, 226 Donder Avenue, born on March 9th 1927. 

Easy peasy.  Because showing a picture ID at the polls is apparently horrible.


Of COURSE I didn't do that, though Archie told me to do so.  He think they are all crooks and thieves and won't vote for em anymore.  He's right, but I still vote.  Just the one time. "No Archie, I don't want to vote for you and thus commit some sort of election fraud felony."  I figure plenty of Dems do that in Maryland, though, based on the evidence and example set in other parts of the country.  Plus all the non-citizens.  My little sticker that says "I voted" doesn't say that.  It says "Yo Vote'."

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Bubblehead Les. said...

What's disturbing is how many Uber-Liberal Commie Progressives Congress Critters Maryland keeps sending to D.C. Sarbanes, Hoyer, Cummings, Van Hollen, who do you guys think you are anyway? Kalifornia? ; )