Monday, December 17, 2012

Don't forget!

Gun control has always been racist.  When some white leftists says we need some gun control measure, ask they why they hate black people.  They are only paying attention new because a white suburban school was shot up.  They don't care when the same thing happens in Chicago every month for years.  Those Chicago victims are black.

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Michael W. said...

Oh how true.

Just look at the time that most gun control laws were written, the same time that the black codes, Jim Crow and poll taxes were enacted. Right after the Civil War he Democrats pushed a bunch of those kinds of laws through. The general thought was that "Well, they may have been set free, but by God,we will do everything in our power to keep them in their place. The Klan and other such groups didn't have too much to worry about when night riding when newly freed Africans who were their targets were NOT allowed by law to arm themselves.