Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Immortal Word

In the immortal words of Joe Biden.  Yes this IS a Big Deal...

Illinois?  Whoda thunk it.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

HUGE DEAL! And what's nice is that there are only Two steps left for the Antis. One is that they Appeal to the Whole 7th. Circuit. Two is that, if they lose, they go to the Supremes. But if the Antis Win, then the SAF goes to the Supremes. The Icing on the Cake is, that Judge Posner used a LOT of DC vs Heller AND McDonald vs Chicago in the ruling. So, do you think the Supremes want to hear Alan Gura argue that the 7th. Circuit felt that the Supremes were wrong when they ruled in Heller and McDonald? And how do the Antis say to the very people that wrote Heller/McDonald that they are Full of It?

Of course, the Illinois Anti Politicians will come up with some "May Issue" Crap that says only single shot .22lr can be used, after taking 4 months of Training and paying a $1,000 a month License, and the Judge will throw it back in their Faces, but eventually, CCW will happen. But it's still good news.