Friday, December 14, 2012

World Gone Mad

I don't care if the whole world went mad yesterday.  I did not.  So you have no call to come after me and mine.

I am not mad, nor a threat to others.  Quite the contrary.


And YOU, sir, are despicable.  Dancing in the blood of the innocents.   Look at yourself.  All of you.  For shame.  In fact, their argument that YOU caused this is strong.


Crotalus said...

Silence in the media on Fast and Furious, the bogus case against the Reeses, and then, they trumpet and sensationalize every shooting they can, they get this plum dropped in their laps, and now comes the push for gun control.

Old NFO said...

Three in a row??? All with ARs? Does anybody else find this strange? And the mentality of one who could kill a child???